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Zinnia 'Fire' Double Zahara

Zinnia marylandica

  • Fully double large orange fade resistant flowers
  • Stems long enough for mini bouquets
  • Thrives on summer heat

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Zinnia

Seed can be sown indoors 6 to 10 weeks before transplanting into garden soil. All zinnias prefer warm soil and growing conditions, planting outdoors in cold soil may be detrimental to plant growth. Provide maximum sunlight. In warmer southern locations, seed could be sown directly into prepared garden soil or containers. About 60-65 days from sowing seed to first flower.

Additional Information
Height: 10-14 in
Spread: 12-14 in
Intro Year: 2010 Color: Orange
Detailed Description for Zinnia 'Fire'

Check back soon for additional details.