Garden Centers

We, at Kings Greenhouse believe in working closely with our customers to create lasting relationships to ensure mutual success. In order to acheive mutual success each year our staff researches new products to expand our selection of plants to the Garden Centers along with your proven favorites.

At King’s, we offer our Garden Centers an extensive line of quality spring and fall plant material. We produce 1,700+ varieties on a 32-acre growing range with 8 acres under plastic and climate-controlled, plus 3 acres of outdoor growing space.

Our brochures list all the plants that we grow for Landscapers and Garden Centers during the season. There are separate brochures for Landscapers and Garden Centers and each will have a brochure for Spring and Summer and one for Fall and Winter. They will list plants by category (Annuals, Perennials, etc.), container size. Pricing is included. The spring brochure is published sometime before Christmas each year and fall brochure is published around mid-July.

We also provide weekly availability of our annuals and perennials. These availabilities consist of plants that have the quality “to sell at a retail garden center”. Our availablity is updated every Friday evening.

If you've Created an Account with us, then you'll automatically get a notice when the brochures and availability are ready. And, you can review or download the brochures and availability lists here on our website any time after logging in.

We deliver within our market area of 150 miles. We guarantee plants to be the very best quality, healthy, bug free and as-described in the availability list. For more details on delivery have a look at our Delivery page.

Our Pre-pricing program is designed to make your job easier. Before we deliver your order, pots will have a label attached that states the plant name, price and SKU. For more details on this program have a look at the Pre-Pricing page.

We hope you find this page helpful. Feel free to Contact Us directly if you have any questions.