Delivery and Pickup

King's Greenhouse Delivery Guidelines

The following are delivery guidelines for orders during the Spring and Fall Seasons. This delivery schedule should help set some expectations for you when submitting an order and will allow us to better serve you during the busy part of the Season.

This following matrix will help you to know when to submit an order so that you can expect it to be delivered on the day you want.

Delivery Day Last Day to Place Initial Order Additions to Orders
Monday Saturday (or no later than 6:30am Sunday) Sunday by 9:00am

Note: Please call to confirm that you will be placing an order by Thursday to reserve truck space.

Tuesday  Sunday (or no later than 6:30am Monday) Monday by noon
Wednesday  Monday by 6:30 am Tuesday by noon
Thursday  Tuesday by 6:30am Wednesday by noon
Friday  Wednesday by 6:30am Thursday by noon

When possible fax (704) 225-1220 or email your orders to your orders.  We are always available to answer questions and take updates to your orders on the phone. When it is more convenient for you, we are always happy to accept an order via phone (704) 289-5822.

We’ll acknowledge receipt of your order and provide an expected day of delivery by email, FAX, or phone.

If you have a special order, please mark it on the order form with an SP (for special order) and we will contact you, we’ll let you know by phone and recommend possible substitutions.

Customer Pickup

Customers are welcome to come to the growing range to pick up their orders during business hours without prior notice. However, to reduce your time picking up your order it is recommended you call prior to pick-up.