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Vinca minor

  • An excellent, weed-smothering, evergreen groundcover
  • Small, solid dark green leaves
  • Lavender-blue flowers appear just above the foliage

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Vinca

Vincas are very adaptable plants. They can survive in any well-drained soil, but grow the best in ones that are fertile and loamy with a neutral to slightly acidic pH. In northern regions, vinca can be grown in any amount of sunlight, from full sun to dense shade. It is best to choose a site out of the way of drying winter winds and sun in these cooler zones. In the south, vinca should be grown in moderate to dense shade. Plants can tolerate occasional drought, but flower more prolifically if they receive a deep watering periodically. Mow them in the fall for fuller plants with fresh foliage. Propagate by division any time and keep them watered until they are well-rooted.

Additional Information
Height: 4-6 in
Spread: 12-16 in
Hardiness Zone: 4-8
Detailed Description for Vinca

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