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Canna 'Lemon' Cannova

Canna x generalis

  • Beautiful bright yellow flowers
  • Bronze foliage offers striking contrast with flowers
  • Great option for mixed combinations or in-ground plantings

Interesting Notes

First seed F1 series offers an easy-to-grow option with improved economy. Strong colors capture the landscape market. Versatile – work well in 4-in. (10-cm) pots to 2 gallons. Ideal for cart programs.

Bred by Takii in Europe.
Supplied as virus-free seed and plugs Cannova canna is the first seed, F1 canna series offers an easy-to-grow option in this heat tollerant class. Improved young plant perfomance means more useable plugs that are uniform and earlier than other seed canna programs. Strong colors capture the landscape market. Cannova is versatile – work well in 4-in. (10-cm) pots to 2 gallons. Ideal for cart programs. Cannova Lemon extends the color pallet for the Cannova program. Lemon is a light yellow that works great as a stand alone or a component that blends well with other colors.

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Canna

Remove spent flowers to encourage re-blooming.
Continue to water and fertilize throughout the Summer to obtain maximum performance. Average fertilization required.
Bloom Time: Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer

Additional Information
Height: 30-48 in
Spread: 14-20 in
Hardiness Zone: 7-10
Intro Year: 2016 Color: Yellow
Detailed Description for Canna 'Lemon'

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