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Shrubs and Trees  

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Let  King's  be your one stop source for Gardening throughout the year. 


Are  you ready to update your landscape? How about that area in the backyard, wouldn't you like to add a fountain, new perennial garden,  have a swing and a butterfly garden? What about some new annuals, trees and shrubs?  We are here to help!  We enjoy helping you create a destination in your own yard.  Please bring a few pictures and we will get you started! (Measurements are a big help too.)   We would be glad to go over some ideal plants, suited to your needs. 

Container Gardening 

Let our staff help you design your containers from the hundreds of plant to choose from. You can also  select from our already made up mixed pots. Need a container?  We have  an extensive selection of light weight ones, glazed pots, Old English style Concrete containers, and more.  

Fall Pansies  Great time to plant  


Ours will keep your interest year-round!  We can design a perennial garden that will make all your neighbors green with envy. For color throughout the year plant a variety of perennials and leave room for annuals to add a splash of seasonal color.  

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Gift Shop

Need something for yourself or a gift for someone?  Please  stop in and  visit our Gift Shop. (Once upon a time it was our propagation house). We carry wonderfully melodic windchimes, unique mirrors, charming containers, sculpted iron pieces that could decorate any area of the home. You will also find a massive selection of Fairy Garden supplies.  We also have a book corner stocked with gardening favorites to give you inspiration and help with your garden questions.

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Herbs .  Rosemary, Thyme ( English, Lemon, Silver ), Sages, Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Borage, Feverfew, Oregano, Salad Burnett, Mints ( Chocolate, Ginge, Kentucky Colonel, Mojito), and more... are here , great time to make an Herb pot for your Patio or plant in your Herb Garden.